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Fundraising Programs 2

For marching bands, sports teams, and other groups looking to cover the cost of equipment, travel and general operations, fundraising programs are the go-to tactic to supplement organizational funding and fees obtained from members.

However, mounting a successful fundraising campaign can be challenging, and big time contributions sometimes lead to little financial rewards. When it comes to coupon card fundraisers, for example, long before any cards are sold, commitments must be obtained from merchants willing to participate. Identifying the right merchants and reaching a decision-maker can be a numbers game, requiring extensive prospecting and time.

Could you hire a fundraising company? Definitely. As of the writing of this article, there were roughly 2500 average monthly Google searches for “fundraising companies” and “fundraising consultants.” But don’t think it won’t cost you. Fundraising companies do a great job of taking the initial legwork out of the fundraising process, but this service comes at a price that must be factored into the fundraising equation.

New fundraising programs, such as American Saver, eliminate the planning and logistics involved in launching a fundraising program, allowing you to do the one thing that will make you money: sell. With American Saver, the merchant agreements are already in place, and include well-known national brands and local merchants in your community. Best of all, your organization will make a minimum of $10 per card sold.

American Saver advantages include:

  • High Profit (min. $10 per card sold)
  • Zero time required finding merchants
  • Discounts by well-known national merchants and local businesses, making it easier to sell to out-of-town friends and relatives
  • 160,000 participating merchants nationwide and growing
  • The ability for users to get discounts using a fundraising card or smartphone app
  • Unlimited number of discount uses per merchant

Fundraising programs like American Saver make implementing successful fundraising programs a simple proposition, removing the barriers traditionally involved in offering the kind of high-value fundraising products that sell themselves. Get more info on American Saver, including a list of participating merchants.

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