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Before gift cards, people gave personalized gifts and hoped they’d be loved. Remember those? To break down gift-buying hesitancy, retailers invented the gift receipt. Now, no one had to worry about buying the wrong gift. But there was a better way for retailers to capitalize on gift-giving: the gift card. Gift cards are super portable, super mailable, fit in stockings, great for cleaning ice off windshields, and bring buyers into stores, where they will likely spend more than the card amount.

Here’s the thing, though. A gift card, in and of itself, doesn’t look like a gift. A gift has to be wrapped, and wrapping gift cards ain’t pretty. Enter the gift card holder, known in the business as a gift card carrier. If you’re a retailer, gift card holders dress up your gift cards, transforming them from awesome looking pieces of plastic into awesome looking gifts ready for action.

Gift card holders can mirror card designs or expand brand messaging. They can reinforce an iconic look, change with the seasons, or come in personality-matching flavors. Bottom line: gift card holders can make your gift cards more attractive to buyers, and who in business doesn’t want to be more attractive than the competition?

Here’s a couple gift card holders that got it right:


Audible Gift Card Holder
Runner-Themed Audible Gift Card Holder

Check out this gift card holder from Audible, designed for runners. Audible knows that a significant percentage of their customers listen to audio books at the gym, on the trail, or while out for a neighborhood run. They also know that buyers are more interested in giving personalized gifts. A gift card holder targeted to runners is the perfect solution. While the gift card itself isn’t exclusively designed for runners, running is an incorporated design element, making the card more versatile. But, when paired with a runner-themed gift card holder, a highly personalized gift-giving opportunity emerges.

Country Outfitter

Country Outfitter Gift Card Holder
Country Outfitter Gift Card Holder

As you might have guessed, Country Outfitter is an online retailer that sells country and western themed apparel and accessories. Their tagline: “We know country.” They also know their brand, and choose cowboy-boot-themed gift card holders that highlight the quality and detail of their products, paired with a simple gift card design that focuses on their country roots. Together, gift card and holder tell the story of an Ozarks-based retailer that leveraged the Internet to share it’s love of country traditions and style with the world.

Gift card holders come in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Use a standard configuration or a custom die cut to set yourself apart. Gift card holders add volume to gift card sales while adding little to gift card costs, and transform an awesome looking piece of plastic into an awesome looking gift ready for action.

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